Terms of photographers, videographers and sound designer. (Artist)

By registering you accept an agreement with Profistock under the conditions laid down by the following terms and conditions.

Under this agreement, you must:

Be aged 18 years or older.

Be executive professional photographer, videographer or sound designer as full or partitime support yourself by working for clients.

Be the copyright owner of the material or have authorization from the copyright owner to upload material.
Give the customer the right to use the material (royalty free), but not in a way that is obscene, pornographic,defamatory, excessively violent, harassing, illegal, or otherwise conflicts
with (roll of terms) for buyers.
Uploaded material must not contain material that denigrates or attack sany persons based on race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

Accept that you will be responsible for every use of uploaded material that occur under your username and password.
You agree to take reasonable steps to prevent others from obtaining unauthorized access to the Website, and immediately notify Profistock of any unauthorized access.

Upload your materials to the website in the appropriate formats and resolutions.
Provide any caption and information you submit to uploaded material is relevant, accurate and complete and does not contain false or misleading information.

Ensure that uploaded material does not contain viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, or other similar harmful or deleterious programming routines or code.

Ensure that a model or property release exists and you are able to show a release if requested.
You agree that you are fully responsible regarding payment of model fee to models and to possibly. subsequent claims by the modelsor other,is not Profistock's responsibility

You retain copyright ownership of all content you post to the site,
Profistock reserves the right to use any material from the website,
in the marketing of the website.

You agree to hold Profistock s owner, directors, employees, harmless from any claims, costs, losses, penalties, interest and damages arising out of or in connection with any claim by a third party (including users), or arising out of use of the website or materials or services from Profistock.

You accept that Profistock draws 25% of the sales price from the sale of images from the website.
You accept that charge concerning use of Credit cards is paid by Profistock, if there is any. VAT or taxes etc. They will be pulled by the artist's share.

You agree that you will be responsible for all uploaded material that occur under your username and passwords. You agree to take reasonable steps to prevent others from obtaining your access information and to notify Profistock of any unauthorized access or use.

Keep Basic Information Including Account Number, Mail Address, Etc. Updated.

Terms Of Profistock.

We Will Endeavor (But Not An Obligation) Lawful To Pursue Violations Or Illegal Use Of The Images Uploaded.

The payment for sold material will be conducted end of each month.

Last modified 15-02-2018.